Hi, my name is Malina!

I'm an engineer by trade, designer at ♥ and artist on occasions who believes magic happens at the intersection of functionality, beauty and meaning.

Engineer by trade

I've always enjoyed figuring out how things worked so I got a Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin where I also worked as a rocket launch high school camp counselor, a maths / engineering tutor, and robotics lab assistant.

Drawn to the nomadic lifestyle and hands-on experience, I became a field engineer and led Drilling and Measurements operations in the US northwest. Eventually, in need for a more balanced and creative lifestyle, I quit my job, moved to a new city and taught myself web design and development, first focused on CMSes and now on User Experience.

Nowadays, I still enjoy solving complex problems with attention to detail and big picture in mind as well as learning the best tools to get the job done.

Designer at ♥

The word "design" came to life for me in an elective college class where I read "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman. It started an obsession with interacting with everything within my reach as well as rethinking beauty as an engineer and functionality as an artist.

Having lived and worked in different environments, I have always been fascinated by how surroundings and lifestyle affect each other and attended the summer of architecture program at the University of Texas at Austin. Spending hours and days at the studio figuring out the "best" idea and the "right" way to implement it is still one of my hardest academic challenges up to date.

I believe good design equates quality of life. Whether while coding, re-doing my office or walking the streets of a new city, I see opportunities to use beauty, functionality and meaning to ensure enjoyable human experiences.

Artist on occasions

Born and grown up in Paris, a few kilometers from the Luxembourg Gardens, the Latin Quarter and Notre Dame, I was lucky to be around a long history of arts and architecture. A classical training in piano and dance seeded an appreciation for the commitment for the work involved.

I took a break from the arts to focus on engineering studies and work but missed channeling my creativity and therefore experimented with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, salsa, hip-hop, guitar and ukulele. Breaking free from the structure of a formal training gave me space for self-expression and fun which in itself brought another challenge in pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer." - Shanna LaFleur. I am a musician who plays music and dances on a weekly basis. Sometimes inspiration and self-expression strike to create a magical act of creation. I am hoping to create more of these moments.

Let's collaborate

I enjoy collaborating, sharing ideas and learning new things so if you'd like to get together to brainstorm or work on an interesting project, I am accessible through LinkedIn and email. If you happen to speak or learn French, you could also join me at the Boulder French Table.